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We are a specialist global risk consultancy that helps organisations succeed in a volatile world. Through insight, intelligence and technology, we help you seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient. When crises and complex issues arise, we help you recover. 
Digital Forensics and Data Analytics

Compliance, investigations and litigation support: staying in control 

Read a selection of critical insights for today’s general counsel, internal support teams, and external legal counsel and learn how mastery of data and a proactive compliance program can help your organization succeed.                                                  

What new leadership means for Islamic State 

彩票合作平台,7天彩票平台,彩票18元Islamic State (IS) confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and announced his successor on 31 October. President Donald Trump had announced that Baghdadi had been killed in a US special forces raid four days earlier.

Control Risks in the media

We aim to bring clarity to complex situations - wherever they are - informing the debate on the world’s most important issues.

Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019

Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019: Reforms and Resistance

With ambitious reform agendas, unfilled demand for goods and services, infrastructure gaps and one of the world’s fastest growing populations, Africa presents an abundance of opportunity and possibility for business. Download the fourth Africa Risk-Reward Index for a comparative snapshot of some of the continent’s largest and emerging markets.

South African podcast

A persistent threat: trends in South Africa’s kidnap-for-ransom and extortion landscape

Kidnap and extortion have long been a feature of South Africa's challenging criminal environment. Some recent high-profile kidnap cases have pushed the issue up the corporate security agenda.

Sanctions report image

Navigating the global sanctions landscape in 2020: Diverging paths, increasing risks

The must-have report for business with exposure to sanctions risk.

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About us

Helping organisations succeed in a volatile world.

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彩票合作平台,7天彩票平台,彩票18元Our office network is your gateway to our world of expertise.

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彩票合作平台,7天彩票平台,彩票18元The essential risk monitoring toolkit from Control Risks.

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